Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dual Spec Build 2 of 2: The Aggressive Setup

Day Two: The Threat/DPS Build

Aggressive Build (15/3/53, Deep Wounds)
Glyph of Blocking
Glyph of Devastate
Glyph of Heroic Strike -- Increases the critical strike chance of Heroic Strike by 5%

The standard spec I'll be running, for non-tank killing bosses, high threat-requiring situations, off-tanking, and trash. Macros will lean towards adding Heroic Strike as a default, because with a +22% crit from talents/glyphs, its going to be laying on deep wounds all the time.

Matching gear will be heavy on Expertise, Hit, BV. Fast Weapon for bosses, slow for trash.

Why not a DPS Spec?

I don't think I can offer much in the way of DPS in a progression setting. I'd really rather sit when we need to go down tanks (then stay in and do meh DPS), and be able to offer the right tanking setup for the bosses that I am in for.

My collection of DPS gear is slow, and it sits mostly ungemmed/unenchanted. I've only been able to get the pieces I have once we hit farm mode and our dps warriors/paladins/deathknights are all set up. And what pieces I do have, I don't use even when questing or lolpvping.

I also don't keep up on reading/researching warrior DPS as much as I do tanking. And if I did, I'd probably fall behind on tanking stuff.

When we get to the point in T8 that I don't need the survival spec, I'll probably pick up a DPS one for kicks, and possibly look at bosses from the other side - but in staying true to my tank calling, that's a far off possibility.


Tarsus said...

To look at it another way on the "Why not DPS spec" question: In a progression raid you need to be conscious of gear distribution. Your DPS warriors/DKs/Pallies are all competing for the same gear (there is really only one flavor of DPS plate), wheras you can have two tanks building two different gear sets (one mitigation/avoidance, one threat/aggressive) without competing with each other on most pieces. Both will get the job done in different ways.

I'd need to look at the numbers but I'd bet a tank in his threat/aggressive epic gear would out DPS the his equivalent DPS spec if said spec was outfitted in blues.

Veneretio said...

Why not Glyph of Revenge instead of Glyph of Devastate is what I'm curious about?

Chad S. said...

I use Glyph of Revenge currently, and I really only find it being super-useful in soloing.

When I start fights, I want to get 5x Sunder up ASAP for DPS reasons. These first few seconds of the fight are also the most critical threatwise. The sooner I can land SS & Revenge (instead of wailing on Dev), the faster DPS can open up.

I may change my mind on this, but this is where I see myself going in Ulduar atm. I doubt I'll be having rage issues while still "undergeared" for the tier.

Mookey said...

There is type in main part, you actualy thought about standard 15/5/51 and wrote 15/3/53 (spell reflect prolly included without 2 cruelty).

I will go for sure with block/revenge/hs, afterall glyphs became so cheap it's so easy to go back to town to reglyph some of them for devastate or for sunder armor