Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Werk? Shocking!

Last night, we used our extra time to take out two raid achievements.

Quick Werk came first. 6 Healers, 3 Tanks (2 Warriors, and a Feral). We beat the timer by about seven seconds, on our first try.

I had 2791 DPS, MTing Patch. I was pretty happy with myself, I think its a personal record. Was using Tank trinkets, Guru's Elixir, and had an out of raid Blessing of Sanctuary. I could have improved on that using DPS trinkets, perhaps a flask of AP. As general raid DPS increases, also, we'll spend more percent of total time under heroism/cooldowns - which will raise my personal number even higher.

I'd love to get some stats from another test in the same gear, but with a Last Laugh / Fast Weapon (honestly, I'd be happy to just get a Last Laugh). Deep Wounds came out at 11.6%, and Devastate at 10.8%, using a Broken Promise. I'd obviously have more heroic strikes with a fast weapon, though, which was my #1. The numbers should favor a fast weapon, but I've got what I've got.

For Shocking, we started with 25, and I just started pulling people that crossed charges. We ended up 22 manning him, but it was 22 people that could 100% not cross charges (easy strat, right?). I used recount's friendly fire window to look for damage spikes, while personally filtering our self-infliced damage from Ret Paladins / Deathknights. I'm pretty sure we are the third guild on our server to get this, which is pretty cool.

This only leaves 20 Man Naxx/Malygos, 6 Min Malygos, and Immortal for LOKI - until we have really, really beat everything that twenty-to-twentyfive people can do.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Awesome dps, I'm dead envious :) Does having broken promise over the red sword make a big difference?

I'm intrigued that your guys are well enough geared for that but still had trouble getting the polarity right on Thaddius though?

Chad S. said...

I haven't noticed a huge difference between Red Sword and Broken Promise - there is defiantly a trade off based on the speed.

As for Thaddius & Polarity - its more an issue of one person being just a half second slow / trading damage with one other person. You don't have to die to invalidate the achievement - just case damage.

Most of the challenge was making the choice to wipe after someone botched it (instead of just finishing), and trying again (epic corpse run). Thats probably the reason ~1800 US guilds have done OS+3, but only ~500 have done Shocking.