Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That Which Remains

Last night we returned to OS. Less then a half hour later, we repeated the OS+3 kill - and got nine new Twilight Vanquishers. We then shifted to Eye of Eternity, and one shot Malygos. Less then an hour into our first raid, we were done with 2/3 of the raid instances.

Naxx started out rather well. We start out each raid ID seeing how far we can go towards Immortal. Spider had no deaths, and Plague had no deaths. Razuvious took out two people during a mind control mistake, however. We finished off Gothik before our three hours were up. (Travel/Summoning time seems to be our biggest timesink at the moment - particularly the trip across northrend to the Eye).

Tonight, we'll finish Naxx. I intend on spending time on 3 Min Patchwerk and Shocking, to add some substance to the three hours we have alotted - with only 4H, Construct, and Frostwyrm left.

What is to become of our third night? Its something I'm grappling with now.

For the time being, it will likely be given as an off night. Assuming people assemble out of habit, I could see someone organizing an alt raid of something, or a revisit of old content (T5/T6). Nothing that will be official, though. If I'm on, I may try to get a premade BG group going.

Another option I'm looking at, is finding who has Naxx Ready alts - and running two official 20-Man Naxx Raids on different days (one on Wed, one on Sun). It would take decent quality alts to 20 man content, but I'd far prefer to let everyone clear Naxx on their main (and some on their alts, a second time) - then I would only raid Naxx with an all main 20 man.

This leaves me with a few questions -

How hard is 20 Man Naxx, if you've experienced it?

What does your guild do with unneeded, scheduled raid time?


jr_G-man said...

Well, I'm sure you mean 25-man content, but...

...If you have people that are able to pull off Sarth 3D, then they are certainly ready to go into 25-man Naxx and carry the remaining people that are slightly-less-than-ready.

jinzai said...

Not necessarily jr G-man. The less is more achievement for 25 mans is to complete the instance with 20 people in the raid.

However, I agree the 25 man versions arent really a big step up from the 10's as long as everyone knows the fights.

jinzai said...

Grr cant edit, I think its called less is more. Theres an achievement for it either way.