Thursday, February 19, 2009

Responce To Darraxus's 6th Picture

I frequently file/archive pictures - so this one is the closest thing to a 6th SS (LOKI History being the 6th Folder, this being the 6th picture).

If you can't make it out, its out first Leotheras kill in SSC. What strikes me, is how few of the names are still around.

Ruffianx - Out then GM, whom has retired.
Monario - Then Magical DPS officer - who left for Warhammer
Tessa - Took an extended leave, has only recently returned on a different toon.
Nibe - Old School LOKI. Not sure why he left.
Carola - Stoped playing WoW
Calline/Lumandris/Brr - Trio that were drama prone, got booted.
Vaultias - Nice guy, but had to be removed when his RL stuff was eating him alive, and he couldn't deal.
Yacoolwoman - Old School (T1) LOKI tank, retired.
Etsphere - No idea where he went.
Alurra - Stopped playing WoW
Meleena - No idea. I don't remember this person.
Left - Left for Warhammer, has returned on a different toon, as a non-raider.
Moomarx - Don't think he lasted long.
Zanderech - Stopped playing wow.
Kadyn - No idea. I don't remember this person.

Who's still here?

Aertimus - Obviously.
Duex - Still Stabbing
Oz - Now a Deathknight
Tirny - Now a Resto Druid
Moia - Busy, but around.
Avalei - Now a Elemental Shaman

Wondering where I'm at? I'm the Warlock T4 helm sticking up behind Etsphere. We were having low dps, so I got pulled in on my alt Warlock.

For my 6 people...
Signu at 10 Man Tank
Vads at Ragebar
Kadomi at Tank Like A Girl
Tepisor at ITankStuff
Axiom at Stupidtank


Tarsus said...

That's two of you tagging me with this meme now.

I'll have to look and see what stupid tanking antics are up in the screenshot folder. I'm so bad at keeping track of what is going on with those.

Chad S. said...

I'm normally not the kind to pass along chains, but I thought that this one was good post material - and getting to see peoples interface/ect is always cool.

Darraxus said...

Plus, Screenshots are awesome!

Vads said...

Oh dear. :)

Will have a dig through screenie folder after work. Scared to think what I might unearth though!

Anyhows, challenge accepted. :)

Vads said...

As I suspected, my 6th screenie was a rather lame one! Posted anyway, thanks for the tag. :)

Tepisor said...

I only now noticed that you tagged me. I'm not going to do a post about it, simply because I don't archive my screenshots in folders.

But thanks anyway :)