Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ruby & Emerald Void

This one actually felt like a pretty decent accomplishment. Took the five of us about an hour of repair-bill-free attempts to get it down. We of course went in with this very specific goal in mind.

How do you do it with Five Ambers? I weeded through the WoWhead comments for Emerald Void, and then we adjusted / learned how to do it.

The bulk of the fight is taking advantage of alternating Temporal Rifts, and Shock Lances - while using time stop during non-banish phases.

I would start off with the first time stop, and then start channeling temporal rift. Everyone else would spam shock lance until I had ten charges (damage done to him while temporal rift is channeled, generates shock charges for the person channeling @ 1 charge per 15,000 damage), then I would signal for us to start.

They would channel Temporal Rift. I would hit him with a 140,000 damage shock lance, that instantly gave the other four people 10 stacks of shock charges. Then I would channel, and they would all hit him with 140,000 damage shock lances, give me ten stacks.

What we discovered, is that if I would wait for all four people to channel temporal rift before shooting, it would take too long, we'd run out of time stop time before the banish, and whelps would spawn. So after those first ten charges were up for me, we'd just go back and forth at our own pace (people that had to stop to use time stop were throwing us off). After you'd start channeling, you just had to look at his debuffs, and wait for a 10 stack to appear. You couldn't identify which stack of the debuff was yours, but if you were channeling, and one appeared for anyone - you could you were good to go. The tighter the rotation, the more huge hits you could get off.

The other trick, was making sure that someone used time stop immediately after he comes out of banish. If you don't, your sure to get whelps. And while there were some whelps up when we killed him, they can kill off people, and wipe you.

So yeah - even though Oculus is a pain, and vehicle combat is still far from perfect - this is a pretty fun way to spend an hour, and its satisfying to accomplish. Just remember to take off your armor first.

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