Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So 20 Raiders Walk Into Naxx...

...And clear it faster then we ever have with 25?

We were able to fully mount two 20-Man groups for Naxx last night, with the help of three of our non-raiding members. The group I was in finished in just under three hours, with no wipes (the closest we got was a 6:03 Thaddius Death, after have one person miss the jump, another die on the first swap, and one death later on). The other group had one wipe on PW, one on Gluth, and therefore will be finishing Thad/Saph/KT tonight.

It took quite a long time for me to stack both correctly, ensuring that all the buffs and debuffs were covered, and both groups were equal in experience and ability. I worry that some last min changes (two people set for our group not logging, and us replacing them with some of our rather strong DPS that hadn't planned on making it) may have given my group a small edge, but I'm sure that the other group will finish right up tonight.

Both groups ran with 5 healers, 2 protection tanks, and rest DPS.

One of the biggest things that sped it up, was that we did Need/Greed on all the bosses but KT - really the only fair thing we could do with non-raiders there that didn't have DKP to bid with. We normally do loot/bidding while clearing trash, but this was still magnitudes faster.

In all, it was alot of fun. The difficulty level was pretty perfect - I felt like everyone was more engaged then with 25 people. And for our trouble, we hauled out twice the number of epics (something like 120 epics, for 40 people?). If we didn't have Immortal to focus on now, I'd love to make 2x20 Naxx a more regular thing.

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