Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3.1 Battle Plan

Log in.
Mods are gone. Curse.
Log out, enable out of date add-ons, log back in.
Dalaran portal to IF.
Server Crashes.
Go to class trainer, train shattering throw, & drop 1000 gold for duel spec.
First Spec - Progression Tanking, with Blocking, Devastate, & Revenge Glyphs.
Pull up old screenshot of interface, to rebuild buttons.
Second Spec* - Fury DPS, with Whirlwind, Cleaving, & Heroic Strike Glyphs.
Find someone to train the new engineering hand enchant for plate tanks. Apply it.
Check the AH prices. Cringe.
Go to bank, and stock bags with pre-collected consumables.

Hearth. Note 30min cooldown on Hearthstone.
Hop a gryphon to Argent Tournament location.
Fumble with keybindings for Fury during the ride.
Server Crashes. Curse.
Land, find a monster.
Click Stoneform, and giggle when it's a 2min cooldown.
Heroic throw, and note new throw speed.
Charge said mob. Watch for new, longer (1.5sec) charge stun.
Follow with a Concussion Blow. Watch it run its full (non-diminished by charge) duration.
Be sad that Concussion Blow activated my GCD.
Pretend I can notice the 5% damage buff to defensive stance.
Intercept another mob. In Defensive Stance (thanks to Warbringer). Think about how to macro it.
Participate in Argent Tournament stuff, until raid time.
Go into Ulduar.
Server Crashes.

* Why am I thinking about changing my mind on a second spec? All the new/old glyphs that were getting made into something worth having, got neutered to hell. If I feel like there are really fights where I have to have cruelty, Imp revenge, and the third point in focused rage, I'll set that as my second spec. Until then, I'm going with a generic progression build.


Anonymous said...

There will be much more server crashes than that!

Mandalus said...

What build will you be using for you fury dps?

Tarsus said...

Thinking of logging out near the warrior trainers in Thunder Bluff myself, I'm pretty sure that they'll be relatively underused. Not sure what the equivalent for the Alliance might be - Darnassus perhaps?

Chad S. said...

I doubt anyone is going to spend more then a few seconds near a trainer - enough time to train abilities, then start trucking out somewhere to give them a spin.

I linked the fury spec I'll be trying in my post. Its a total rip off another warrior in my guild, honestly. I played fury leveling 60-70, and haven't been spec'ed it past 70 at all - so I'm sure its going to need some looking at if I'm going to actually pretend to legitimately dps something.

Anonymous said...

Nice, those are also the exact same specs I was planning on using :)

The only tweak I would make to the Fury spec depends on your gear. If you don't have much expertise, I'd suggest dropping a couple of points from Improved Demo Shout and picking up Weapon Mastery.

The spec hasn't changed a lot past 70 (at least not in how it plays), the big difference is that you now need to track the Bloodsurge procs so that you know when you get a free slam. I've gotten parrot to blat that up for me, but one of the fury warriors in guild swears by powerauras so trying to work that out is one of my projects for this week :)

Anonymous said...

You forgot the part where the server crashes as you charge a mob and enter combat, and then you come back dead and curse again. :P

I'm so envious you get to try fury. My second build'll be "the hard-mode" spec complete with glyphs. Completely useless except on gimmicky bosses, therefore exceptionally situation. Not excited. :(