Tuesday, April 7, 2009


An Eternety. I can haz one?

Had a solid 10 seconds this time when Malygos went under. Nearly 20,000,000 HP burned away in under 6:00 min. Was on our second full night dedicated to it, after an infuriating 6:01 kill last week.

In the end, it was a really good exercise in important raid skills. DPS had to be on the ball, limit movement, know just when to pop trinkets and cooldowns, ect. Healers stretched themselves down to only 4.5 (4 and a Resto/Elemental hybrid). I had to generate/manage aggro in ways I don't think I've been chalanged to since Bloodboil or Sunwell, then juggle nexus lords.

And what's neet, is that we got all those skills sharpened in a fight that can be PuGed. I like the achievement system more and more - and will absolutely be in love once these voulentary hard mode fights are providing bonus loot in T8.

Oh, and here is the WWS of the kill for those interested (phase 1 and 2 only, since thats how WWS reads this fight). Ranged is a little inflated, for the time they get to nuke Malygos going into P2 - but the numbers were good all around.


HP said...

Grats!! So jealous! This achievement and the Denying the Scion one is probably totally improbable for me. That and Immortal =X

Chad S. said...

Denying the Scion is a good one to get with your guild on a botched Malygos 6min attempt, or just any night that you want your healers/tanks to get some lovin.

Do P1 normally, then use 0 DoTs on the scions, have everyone take the mobs down to sub 10k, and let the healer/tank finish the job.

We did it, gained the whole raid some serious +healer/tank rep : )

Immortal is all that evades us. And evade us it does...

Tarsus said...

Which rotation did you use in phase 3? There's still some debate inside my guild over which one we should be using.

Chad S. said...

We had everyone /follow one person, to keep us tightly grouped. (Follow is not broken by casting).

We had five people assigned as healers, who built five combo points by 1-1-1-1-1 on Malygos, then used the healer finisher. One person coordinated the staggered heals in the time before Malygos became active (all build up to five, then they called out a name every 1-1.5 seconds, and they all built to five and auto-used after that).

Everyone else did 1-1-2, using the macro (and did NOT shield)...

/tar Malygos
/castsequence reset=target Flame Spike, Flame Spike, Engulf in Flames

Which can be mashed with your eyes closed. It won't reset the sequence until you've actually cast the finisher. Again - no shielding. Using it, everyone had identical (very high) stacks.

Arideni said...