Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kologarn and Iron Council

Kologarn trash (Rune Etched Golems) is/are so much easier on 25 man. I guess this is made up by the fact that the boss is tougher, with more people being in a small space for lazers. Our problems generally stemmed from people not running from lazers, or running from them in such a way that they drug it through others.

We ended up having ranged line up on the second line in the room, from the door. When they got targeted, they ran straight forward for ~1.5 blocks, then turned and ran to the side. I had us drilling that at one point on the blocks in the antechamber hallway, putting raid marks on people's heads to simulate them being targeted, and watching how they ran/turned/ran.

Despite his best efforts to squeeze the life out of us, he died.

(Picture Here. Again, sorry that I don't have them up already)

Then Iron Council (whom is really called Assembly of Iron, but that name doesn't seem to be sticking) was next. I did Brundir, and he seemed identical to the 10 man version. We moved a shaman back as my healer, to help back me up on interrupts using wind shock, and just stepping back on overload (since he has to move in to be in wind shock range). That let me save my gag-order shield bash for when I needed to move him out of a power rune, and my stuns for his whirl in p2. Heroic throw was saved for if a death rune ever spawned under him/us, and I needed an extra silence from ranged.

We had one attempt where were braced for the enrage at 10 min (some DPS had died in a death rune)... and it didn't happen. I must have missed the note that its now 15 min long? With that being true, we stopped bunching up on blue runes in phase two (which was leading to masses of people having death runes spawned under them), and just did normal/lazy dps. They died.

(Picture Here)

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Veneretio said...

Grats! :D

That's good to know that the enrage is 15 minutes. I definitely will be telling people that going out of their way to get Power runes is a bad thing.

I may even move him far away from them because one time in the 10 man I actually died running out of Death rune and accidentally dragged him through a Power rune in the process... not fun.

Also, thanks for the Kologarn ranged tip. I was kind of wondering how we'd handle the Eye beams with so many people crammed in such a small space.