Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adding Razorscale and Ignus to the Pile

Fresh Ulduar, servers are looking good - time to get some business done.

FL, boom (his name gets abbreviated, because it takes longer to type his name they it does to do the fight). Everyone that wasn't in last Tuesday got to check him out, and we all shuffle around vehicles so those that were in last week got something new.

Razorscale. We change up our positioning slightly, make sure to keep NR and FR totems down - and he gets killed. Zero deaths, which was nice, and not even remote fear/pressure of tanks getting gibbed by big breaths.

Then we did Ignis. The trash really wasn't that bad. The Molten guys got tanked around the corner leading up to them. Healers were able to LOS the bad stuff, and dps LOS'ed it when they got low and needed heals. The Furnace Golem's didn't seem to do anything noteworthy other then a minor charge. The Flame Reverent guys were a pain, but other then one odd wipe, we weren't losing more then 3-5 people per group. I picked up
Greaves of the Stonewarder off a trash mob, which seem terribly itemized (Parry and BV), but I'll find a use for them (I was the only shield tank in the raid at that time). They actually dropped again on XT trash, and went to another warrior.

I decided to change things up on Ignis, and put a Death Knight in front of him. The DK, Nyxe, has been posting the tankspot videos up on our forums as they are released, so I knew he and I were on the same wavelength for positioning and general strat. I also had been looking at how Prot Warriors were good on the adds, since they could stun them in scorch, run out, charge stun, then shockwave stun. Vigilence was also nice on the MT, so I had as many taunts as I needed.

We got him down on our third pull, which I thought was pretty spectacular. Healing wasn't an issue, though we did run heal heavy (eight I think?).

Then XT Trash. This was probably the most epic battle of the night. I know we simply don't understand how to do it right yet - which led to a semi-graveyard-zerg for each side. It wasn't plesent, but I think we'll have fond memories someday of how we use to have trouble with it.

Then XT himself. Died on second pull, with his greatly reduced health pool. The tanking shoulders dropped
(Shoulderplates of the Deconstructor), but on review, I found them not that much different then Pauldrons of Unnatural Death, so I let it go to the pummeler tank.

A good night, overall. Iron Council and Kologarm are on the menu for tonight, and I don't think we'll have any trouble getting both of them to fall over.


logtar said...

Aren't this things falling too quickly? I thought this new content was going to present a challenge but from the sounds of it a full clear is in the horizon.

Chad S. said...

I think the non-hard mode content will be accessable. The later bosses that hung up top guilds for hours, will hang up normal raiders for a week+.

Hard modes, though, are going to be the real meat of the content. Its where the major upgrades are going to come from, and its going to be the challenges that define top guilds / progression.

Katie said...

How can something so small kick for so much? Those little parts technicians should not be kicking for 33k or so.

The chain rooting of one of the compactors worked, that is until I let the root tick down too much and got stunned by the other compactor right as my root wore off.

I'm sure we'll have it down even better next week, hopefully with fewer deaths.