Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Such Thing As an Off Night?

With this much new content, there is no rest. Only repair bills.

Thursday afternoon, got invited to a semi-pug for Vault10, for the new boss. Had one wipe when a healer got DC, then another during a mispull (sigh@pugs). By some amazing random number generator event, Valorous Siegebreaker Handguards dropped. An easy choice to replace over Callous-Hearted Gauntlets, with more stamina, armor, avoidance, and a healthy chunk of hit.

Then, got a Ulduar-10 group going - Two tanks (War/DK), two heals (Druid/Shaman), six dps (Ret, SurvHunter, Warlock, Boomkin, Feral, Enh Sham). Flame leviathan was quick and uneventful. We tested the waters with Razorscale, but were still seeing people getting 2-3 rapid fireballs that killed them. So we headed to XT-002, and after some work, got a kill!

We put him on the stairs, so the adds had a bottleneck. Ranged in one group, to facilitate chain heal. The bulk of the scrapbot killing was done by our feral druid, and warlock. A hunter helped out on bombbots on the feral druids side. Our DK just tanked the pummelers the whole time.

We did normal dps 100->75%, then hardcore burned on the heart (no heroism, though - we had to pull back the one time we did that, to avoid killing the heart). When he came back to p1, he was at 51-55%, and we just pushed him into it again. Ranged/AoE went and dealt with scrapbots, single target stayed on him. When he came out, he was at ~40%. After adds were cleaned up, we did heroism to push him into the next heart phase, burned through that, and only moved off him long enough to keep the close scrapbots from healing him. A bunch got through at that point, but we just kept DPSing, and after the adds were all gone (killed or healed him) - we just finished the job.

I'm hoping that we can apply alot of that to our 25-man progress Sunday. Nights like this make me kinda sad that we only raid 25-mans three nights a week (esp. with some other guilds getting in kills on our nights off) - but I know that when the going gets hard, we'll still have our momentum to knock over new bossess, while other guilds are started to experience burnout. We aren't throwing as many hours at the bosses as some guilds, but I know we get more done per hour then most - and that's always helped keep our players sane and happy in the long run.

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