Friday, April 17, 2009

No Such Thing As an Off Night? p2

Another "off night", another exploratory trip into Ulduar 10.

Razorscale we attacked with some pointers from the tankspot strat. Healers in the middle, tanks on the sides. One tank for the sentinels, and flames in the middle. More then anything, we just had to be on the ball as far as healing and healthstones were concerned. P2 was messy as all get out, but we still eeked out a kill.

Then we decided to learn/try Ignus trash. It was painful/expensive for the melee DPS, but we know their tricks now. Ignus himself seems like a three healer fight, though, and LOKI running two groups has both streched on people (we only had two in the group). So we came, saw, and moved on.

I'm not posting pictures of the Rune Etched Whatevers, because they are too painful a memory. Regardless, once we downed them, Kologarn was easysauce. 

In other news - he reminds me entirely of Giga Gaia - a sweet boss from Chrono Trigger (the game in which the name Yakra is taken), with seperatly targetable/killable arms and arm smashing attacks.

Kologarn head. Heheheh.

More Ulduar awaits. In all, its a sexy looking instance, with some awesome encounters. I'm really getting pumped for sunday, that were going to murder these bosses on 25 man, now that so many have seen kills on ten. This feels like some real raiding, and its invigorating.

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