Thursday, May 28, 2009

Turnover Across Three Tiers

I got a hit of nostalgia / curiosity the other day, and started digging through old screenshots of significant first boss kills. Going back to Vashj, I hardly recognized some of the names. Then I started counting - how many people from our big first kills were actually still around and downing bosses?
No Longer LOKI Raider (18): Tecknoman, Adonni, Left, Ruffianx, Yttrium, Asmileyface, Kurse, Lumandris, Hoofroodat, Sabere, Gamish, Neishean, Vaultias, Catastropee, Monario, Oz, Touche, Tessa
Still Here (7): Tonystarks, Aertimus, Dragoe, Nethy, Furnz, Yakra, Notforgiven


No Longer LOKI Raider (15): Hoofroodat, Neishean, Ronaldb/Christeenmae, Moia, Ruffianx, Left, Oz, Shamantha, Monario, Tessa, Morwel, Teknoman, Vaultias, Gamish, Killertoday
Still Here (10): Aertimus, Lusith, Yakra, Nikto, Dragoe, Jerey, Yiffy, Furnz, Tonystarks, Nethy
No Longer LOKI Raider (12): Sempra, Ruffianx, Ronaldb/Christeenmae, Vaultias, Mashandheal, Left, Havack, Monario, Yttrium, Moia, Oz, Hordestalker
Still Here (13): Gorgon, Aertimus, Ujelang, Yakra, Rainkat, Tolsmir, Tygranna, Jerey, Notforgiven, Nethy, Nikto, Furnz, Alcyone

No Longer LOKI Raider (10): Ruffianx, Baromir, Mashandheal, Kalka, Havack, Oz, Yttrium, Tessa, Stormlance, Hordestalker
Still Here (15): Aertimus, Jerey, Yakra, Ujelang, Gorgon, Alcyone, Tolsmir, Dragoe, Tonystarks, Duex, Rainkat, Nethy, Nikto, Zophor, Furnz

No Longer LOKI Raider (5): Oz/Soulless, Stefanos, Hissarrzz, Morwel, Bretta
Still Here(20): Strombolli, Jerey, Yakra, Ujelang, Aertimus, Notforgiven, Dragoe, Katanna, Kiranthos, Nikto, Zophor, Lusith, Alcyone, Rainkat, Estia, Gorgon, Furnz, Drspock, Tygranna, Duex

I realize that this isn't a whole guild view - it only looks at the 25 people in for certain first boss kills. I guess I just consider these first kills as having our most dedicated players in them in the first place (with some exceptions, such as people just being on standby that pull).

So what did I notice? Between each instance clear, we lost about three highly able raiders (or gained three new dedicated people, if that's your preferred way of looking at it).

Aertimus, Furnz, and Myself have been there for all of them. Nethy missed only our OS3D (couldn't raid Wednesdays), Notforgiven only missed Illidan (gave someone else his spot that night), Dragoe only missed Archimonde (not sure why, we may have bumped him for a totem-dropper), and Jerey missed only Vashj (Paladin tanks weren't cool then).

It's been a long journey to get to this point (working Yogg-Saron). I've met amazing people along the way, and I've met some real asses. I'd like to think that we'll retain 100% of our members all the way to Arthas - but a part of me defiantly wonders who won't be raiding with us then, what new people will have stuck around, and what people I haven't even met yet will be there.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. (I don't think that's a high turnover, I'd say quite reasonable.)

What sort of rate do you recruit at?

Chad S. said...

We recruit at a decent rate, I'd say. 25 people have had apps accepted since Wrath release, 11 of them have since left.

So out turnover for normal people seems "average" (is that average?) - Its just that our turnover for people that make it to significant first kills is lowish.

Aertimus said...

That is a fantastic historical and sentimental record to have. Thanks for doing that dear!