Friday, June 5, 2009

Vezax & DKs, +10-Man Achievements

On the first week we got all four watchers down in the same week, we knocked out Vexax in short order. I guess this was back on Sunday?

First point of business - we used a DK tank. There was no compelling reason not to, and it did make things easy. I won't say that having him stationary (and surge of darkness being negated by icebound fort) is broken, because its perfectly doable without a DK (kiting takes more effort, but isn't impossible - or raid cooldowns could be rotated through with any tank). This particular mechanic feels about the right level of one-class-having-an-advantage, just as warriors have a bonus on Mimiron with charging back in after shield bash to keep him from moving (other tanks just have to manually reposition him, with the potential for mines to get off center).

Second note - Lawlmydps. I've busted out my Fury spec for a few misc things, but being there to run a first kill on Vezax had me standing behind a progression boss. My performance is less then steller, but not completely terrible (Even with his -20% melee swing speed aura, melee destroyed the meters in general ((pun unintended)) ). I'd like to pretend that I was interupting, but no, the two rogues sitting near the top of the meters were. I have alot to practice regarding fury, if I was to ever need to seriously perform as it.

After Vexaz, we pulled Yogg for kicks. We got stomped, but I've got a strong feeling that he's something that won't last too too long versus us.

Then last night, I finally ran another Uld-10, after some busy weeks that had directed my time elsewhere. It was productive...

I think I just finally decided that Uld-10 wasn't something I wanted to do with alts, other people's undergeared friends, or randomly assembled groups of currently-online people. I had hopped in for some action in groups containing elements from the above, and the wipe-to-kill ratio was just not what I wanted for a relaxing off-night activity.

That said, I thought about who I'd done ten man stuff on Thu/Mon (the nights I have free for ten mans typically), who would make a good composition, and started gettting in contact with people to setup a time. We ended up with this, with the Resto Shaman having a fully equiped Elemental Set for two healer fights. Confident in our ability to have a relaxing faceroll, we hopped inside.

We first got brave on Ignis. The Druid and Paladin agreed to two-healed it, and we pulled up our timers for a four min kill. We beat it with about 8 seconds left. This emboldened us even further...

Hard Mode XT was something I'd been complating on ten man, but wasn't entirely sure it was worth attempting yet. We decided to take a stab at it, the deciding factor of course being if we could kill the heart. The heart died crazy fast, and on the second attempt, we finished off the rest of him as well. Very fun fight - the changes/additions made it seem far more T5-ish, as far as complexity and difficulty went.

No tank loot for me out of there (the big two things I'm eyeing up is the Freya Helm (didn't get to her yet) and the T8 Shoulders from Thorim(dropped, lost roll)), but it was fun regardless. I really do enjoy off night content more when everyone is competent enough to simutaniously relax and succeed.


Tarsus said...

Grats On Vezax. I'm looking forward to that bit of lore-filled fun myself.

...and I really feel your pain on the fury thing. I really do. Maybe when I've got some better gear I'll try that again, but, uh, my dps is better as Prot >.<

Mookey said...

Gz on Vezax. Fun fight really.