Monday, June 15, 2009

Looks, Arms, Tentacles

I've been having a blast recently...

A look change - the first major one in awhile. New weapon, shield, and helm (which matches the chest and gloves, since you can't notice). The T8 helm is absolutely sweet on a dwarf. I feel like a Satyr from hell, with my beard sticking out perfectly, horns, and glowing red eyes.

Then Yogg-25. We got in one full night Sunday before last, before the nerf's came. Still got to P2 a few times, but it was messy (I got my kiss in). This most recent Sunday, our best was 35% (not quite out of P2, but close).

Add ImageFollowing my mediocre contribution to Vezax-25 this last week, and fueled by the sale of a BoE epic I won in a greed roll in Uld-10 recently, I decided to get my DPS gear up to snuff. After choking on the amount of materials needed to enchant one two-handed weapon (which Aert and I thankfully had accumulated in our alt bank), I decided to try arms. It was the best decision in the end, but for arguably the worst reason : P

Arms is AWESOME. I won't pretend its top achievable DPS is the most ideal, but for my purposes (DPSing occasional boss), I'm having a blast and doing more respectable DPS then I was with fury. I even took the opportunity to shine up my PvP gear (which is entirely from VoA & massive Wintergrasp honor - I still have 620 Resil!) On Vezax, I did 3.2k - in line with our regular Ret Paladin, and only slightly behind our Enhancement Shaman (bear in mind the -20% swing speed debuff on this fight, and lacking of some raid buffs)

Part of what I think is making Arms work for me, is my new obsession with the Power Aura's mod. I'll likely write more on that later, when I feel more comfortable with it. Its application to DPSing is far greater then tanking, but I certainly feel like there is a lot tanking can get out of it.

Following the experience we had on Yogg-25, my 10 man group rolled into his room with a ton of confidence - and rightly so!

He didn't last long at all to the might of ten people that could avoid clouds, keep straight the three different C-Tentacle names, and kill things at a satisfactory rate. We ran 2 tank, 2 healer, 6 DPS (3 ranged, 3 melee).

Its a huge confidence boost for this comming weeks 25-Man - especially for Losti and Myself, who weren't entirely sure what to expect from adds in P3

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