Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Satrina posted a Wishlist on the WoW Forums...

Given the lack of anything in the 3.2 patch notes, I'm guessing they haven't quite figured out what to do with warrior tanks just yet. I don't actually think we need all that much in terms of adjustments to be honest. My list is this:

- Rage on avoidance. Please? Strings of avoidance killing your threat generation sucks. (Bandaid until rage generation can be fixed properly)
- Reduce Shield Slam's innate threat from 770 to 250, increase the average damage to compensate (and maybe a bit more)
- Make Revenge like Overpower in that it cannot be dodged or parried. Remove innate threat and increase average damage to compensate (and maybe a bit more).
- Buff Devastate's damage, boost the 50% weapon damage up to something decent.
- Glyph of Bloodrage. Remove the health cost reduction, replace with 10-15 more initial rage

A couple of others that would need pretty careful tuning:
- Change warrior crit conversion from agility to strength. Would need a lower conversion ratio than the current agility conversion, of course.
- Vitality grants x/y/z% of strength as expertise rating
Rage on avoidance really does seem like a no brainier. Putting in a fixed amount of gain on the Anticipation and Deflection talents (for dodge and parry, respectively) would do the trick nicely, if they don't want to just bake it into defensive stance. Satrina nails this one.

Shield Slam and Revenge Damage - The damage increase wouldn't need to be too significant, and its a far less major change then upping the percent increase granted to these skills through talents. Having revenge not be dodged/parried would be nice, but could lead to a dangerous combination in an arms-heavy revenge-centric build. I'd put these on my wish list, but with a far lower priority.

I don't think bigger devastates is really a big need. Some buttons need to just be filler - that filler doesn't have to be great. We'd also run the risk of DW 0/30/41 builds returning as a top DPS spec (as it did in early, early wrath / beta).

Regarding Str converting into Crit: I love the idea of alternate ways of getting crit as a protection warrior. When agility was gutted from our gear, crit became a memory. I can imagine some more flavorful way of tying crit to dodge or parry, though (some type of general finesse).

My big thought for warriors as a whole - move away from shields/block as a source of static damage reduction, and simply erase the concept of block value. It simply can't scale in a way that makes it not overpowered for five man content, and trivial on twenty-five mans. Take the mechanic of block, and use it to instead solve the above problems.

Have block be an activator for cool abilities or effects...
  • On a block, gain X critical strike rating on your next attack- making shield block rating into a threat stat. Scale the critical strike rating gain as much or as little as you want, from a minor increase, to a guaranteed crit.
  • Have Sword and Board be a talent that refreshes shield slam on a block.
  • On a block, double the armor contribution of the shield for X seconds - mirroring its current damage reduction, but making it into a valued stat that scales - and one that's uptime is based off of SBR.
We have something broken/worthless, and things that could use boosts. Using one to solve the other just seems like the thing that will make the most people happy.


Anonymous said...

do you feel that the increase in attack power from armed to the teeth will have a significant impact on a tanks dps and/or threat generation?

Chad S. said...

I'll see an increase of 291 in my unbuffed AP. It's not an interesting buff, but it will result in a mild increase in threat/DPS.

So significant impact - no.

Positive impact - certainly.

Mookey said...

As suggested changing AttT to Str per Armor (even on current values) would be better for warriors overall.

Increases your attack power by 3 for every 180 armor value you have.

Increases your strength by 1 for every 120 armor value you have.

This would give equal amount of AP to dps warriors but it will give average tank with 25K armor 200 more str which will convert to 100 SBV more. Also BoK and other armor raid bonuses would increase this aswell.

Darkblayde said...

Increasing shieldslam damage would have a negative impact on pvp and therefore i dont think blizz would do that directly- I can already hit clothies with low resilience for in excess of 13k (I've hit 16k on a low geared 80 priest) with a BV set on. BV is being doubled on items as it is so Shield Slam damage should go up from that (Unless they are modifying the formula for Shield Slam damage, which I havnt looked into). I agree with Str from AttT, though I'd be willing to take a lower Str+Agi combo for added Armor/Crit/Dodge. For the most part I'd like to see the "Adds additional threat" go away and just give us raw damage.