Sunday, July 26, 2009

Double Feature: PuD & Glory of the Hero

Two big topics, of which I am impatient to delay writing about. D-D-D-Double Post.

Pick Up Dining
Most everyone that plays this game can say they've participated in the running of a dungeon or downing of some elite with a smattering of strangers, joined together with a common goal - a pick-up-group.

Saturday, I had the awesome opportunity to go pick-up-dining. A reader of Aertimus and my blogs had picked up on a number of similarities between us. Both play warriors, have wives that are teachers, work in the IT field, and live in the Harrisburg, PA area. These commonalities in mind, they bravely shot Aertimus and I an email invitation to go down some elite foodstuffs at a restaurant with him and his wife, which we accepted.

It was an awesome experience. We ended up hanging out at the restaurant and talking for over two hours, just sharing experiences (WoW, Teaching, Guitar Hero & Work), and getting to know each other some. It's defiantly something we'll repeat.

So on this, I'll say - consider reaching out / responding to the people with whom you interact with online (keeping safety in mind). Bloggers tend to be niche type people in the first place - so revel in the fact that you may find someone who understands all the obscure hobby-jargon you using online, offline!

Glory & More
I was busy this weekend.

One of the recent thing's Aert and I have been doing with our time, and as a way to keep in touch with people, was working on finishing up Glory of the Hero. We both had about six left when we decided to start spamming execute.

The big break, was when our VH group got Ichoron as one of our two random boss-spawns. He's required for Dehydration, an achievement that we knew the random number generator could keep out of our hands if it really wanted to. Our wonderful group mates were even willing to wipe after he did absorb one of the little guys on our first shot, and go through all twelve (12!) waves to do him again (he was the second random boss).

After that came Less-Rabi, which was Aertimus's last one. I still needed Intense Cold, which she lol-druid-shifted her way to, long ago. Finally on Monday, Free Action Potion and PvP trinket in hand, I got mine.

We then both got ours out of the mail, headed to Crystalsong, and did a photoshoot. It was Proto-gasmic.

The whole Glory of the Hero bit was alot of fun to do. The challanges were unique, required some out of the box thinking, and some felt like huge accomplishments. Making five man content have more of this kind of fun challange and reward is really what should have been added to respark interest in heroics, rather then the 3.2 solution of just turning them into the loot/emblem treadmills. Change it so that only bosses you earn/do the achievement on drop a higher type of badge, and all of a sudden the content takes on new life in a good way.

Flying around on the new drake felt like a good a time as any to hit the last two spots I needed for Explorer in Crystalsong. Bam - Triple Achievement.

And then to wrap up the point orgy, I did the last two AVs I needed to hit exalted, and get 20 Exalted Reputations.

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rob said...

In regards to the VH dehydration achievement, there is a very easy way of doing it.

Every time he splits, simply use the defense system and it will kill all the bosses little blobs, very easy acheivement.

Love the blog,
Tank in Japan.