Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Race Against The Patch

I wish that 3.0 had an announced release date, and if I can wish a little harder, that it the announced date would be at least two weeks in advance.

Long story short - I want to get Hand of A'dal titles for everyone who doesn't have them currently (joined us after doing T5, missed a Vial, ect). Come 3.0, those titles can't be earned.

My first priority is securing our Illidan kill, and making sure everyone can be a part of that - its our current progression, after all. He is priority one until we have killed him at least two more times. 

Beyond that, people are understandably split. Those that did joined while we were in BT want to see Hyjal / Kill Archimonde. Those that joined while we were doing Hyjal want Titles. Those that have been around since T5, want to do Sunwell.

I'm looking into ways to speed up the title process - namely trying to find guilds that would sell/share their raid ID that has Lurker (and possibly Morogrim) dead on it, so we could speed up Vashj/Fathomlord. Really, the biggest thing is the need to kill Illidan on our second night in BT, and not drag it out to a third.

The annoying part is - even if we do clear BT in two nights, that last raid night of the week doesn't seem like enough for Fathomlord, Vashj, Al'ar, Kael, Rage. (not to mention the three trips to Akama needed in there). And there is no guanretee that the following Tuesday won't be the patch, and cause things to end. 

The whole removal of ability to earn mounts/titles at 3.0, instead of Wrath, just seems like poor execution to me.

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Anonymous said...

It makes a certain amount of sense to have those achievements removed, though. Killing Vashj at level 80 in Naxx gear won't be an achievement like killing her at level 70 was.

Good luck! Maybe add on an extra raid day, optional, to get those title kills in?