Thursday, September 25, 2008

Recruitment, Now and In Wrath

There's been a flux in apps like this, recently...
Why are you leaving your current guild / why did you leave your last guild? 
The guild is very casual and does not raid anything above ZA, and I would like to see BT before the Xpac hits and it disappears forever.
I guess for some, its just now sinking in that the Xpac is coming. And while content won't be disappearing, the time left for it to be done "as intended" is shrinking. I applaud people who set their goals realistically (ie, The Stoic Guardian). I get chaffed quite bad, however, by people who want to just jump on the bandwagon following a big kill, or think that our guild is "running tours".

Sometimes my responses to apps can be rather harsh - but I'm not quite sure how to take it when someone in enenchanted, ungemmed (or green gemmed) gear thinks that they would fit into a progression focused, T6 guild. I honestly think I take it as an insult - that this person is willing to put in |-this-| much effort, and wants to capitalize on |--------------This-------------| much effort that the current raiders have put in. I don't expect miracles. I know that there are very few T5 progressing guilds currently, and you really can't match the hours put in by current members; but I think that at the very least, full badge and crafted gear can be expected, since it is directly related to effort (time turns into badges, badges turn into gear. No randomness involved). Enchants and Rare gems fall under the same category. ZA gear is a large plus, but I know that random loot is random, and some people really have run Bear a hojillion times and never had X drop.

Arg. Now that I sounds like an elitist jerk (and not the awesome, theorycrafting type)...

I'm now looking forward to 70-80, and determining how I'll be handling recruitment during that period. 

One option, is to not. This keeps us with our tried and true players.
...but realistically, with people switching mains, we're going to probably end up with some type of class/role imbalance. 

I'm defiantly going to close applications to the masses, pre-lv80. What I'm considering, is how I can fairly bring people into the guild based on current member recommendations (people they currently know/play with, and people that make positive impressions on while leveling). I know that ability and attitude will need to be primary criteria, but I'm still hammering out details. I don't want it to be a free for all, and end up with a mass of people - but on the other hand, I don't want to block out potential great players. 

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Kadomi said...

I've seen a lot of people post terribad apps as gruesome examples lately. Yesterday I saw an app of someone in all blues with no enchants apping to a Sunwell guild. What the hell?

I am glad that we have no recruitment ever, as my guild has very specific membership rules (have to be female RL), or I would be stressing out. The only thing I am worried is that our girls get carried away by playing multitudes of alts again, which was really bad when TBC hit. Everyone started playing every possible belf class, ugh. :)