Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick Video

Nice video made by Tsuyo, of an off night OS-10 Run. Good quality, fun stuff. If you listen, you'll even hear me tell someone to Anhk, and for Heroism to go!


7echno7im said...

Sweet my video made it to your blog! I think that you may have linked the low def one, here is the high def link if you would rather have that one.

(you can watch almost all youtube videos in high def by adding &fmt=18 to the end of it.

Franklin said...

"Avoid the lava waves" he says... (watched it with no sound... so...)

I just found this kinda funny, as the lava waves seemed about as easy to avoid as Hurricane Katrina.

7echno7im said...

Yeah when I got hit, my options were go back to pick up adds and get hit, or run to the hole in the lava and let the adds beat on the healers until I made it back. Since I had 30k unbuffed at the time, I choose to save the healers.