Sunday, April 19, 2009

XT-002 25-Man Down

Its a harsh wake up call when you remember that Uld-10 is balanced around ten man gear, and full 25-Man T7 Epics means you automatically pass any gear check related encounters. The admittedly sloppy play that we got away with in ten mans, did not translate to instant success in Uld25.
But regardless, we did what needed doing.

We spent a decent amount of attempts getting ~8% enrages (typically he would enrage during his last heart phase) - starting the killing as soon as he got out, and totally wiping us on the next tantrum. All those attempts, though, we had lost someone at some point - and ranged/AoE was having problems making sure all the adds got down, so there was scrapbot eating / boss healing.

Our composition was sub par - the result of a few too many people that have gotten in the habit of missing Sunday raids. I didn't have the option to replace people, and that notably hurt the speed that we got through it.

With about ten min left in the raid, I verified that we had battle rezzes and ankhs ready - then called for a "last" attempt. We burned through most all of those important cooldowns, and got our closest attempt yet - something like 3-5%. So I called for one more, ignoring concerns that we had no battle rezzes remaining - because I knew we were on the grasp of it.

People played like they knew there were no rezzes. We had one death late game (rough gravity bomb + tantrum, iirc), but other then that, it was pretty darn perfect. No scrapbots reached his mouth. No pummelers pummeled our healers or melee. Tank and Tantrum healing was right on. He enraged at 1%, took me out, then took out the rogue that was a little slow on evasion - but got no further.

It was a good feeling kill. We got further with that kill then many guilds on our server that put in as much as double our time. LOKI isn't Premonition, Ensidia, Vodka, ect (whom raid more in a day then we do in a week) - but we get a good amount done during our raid time.

I'm looking forward to continuing Ulduar. Its hard, but not impossible for a hard working, well coordinated team.


Tarsus said...

There is just something about that "last run of the night" that seems to bring out the best, or at least makes lady luck smile.

Congratulations on the Deconstructor - Ignis is next, right?

Chad S. said...

Razorscale next - he seems like an easy win. We'll probably move to Kologarn and Iron Council after, and save Ignus. I just am still hearing reports that he is brutal - and as far as progression goes, he's not in the way of us moving on (as XT, Kologarn are).

(Though I do want the Ignis trinket so, so badly)

Namthe said...

Yeah, we've skipped Ignis for now.

Razorscale is easier than XT, I think, so long as you know how to interrupt. We're working on Assembly of Iron now.

Namthe said...

...and having done that, Assemby of Iron are a bit of a pushover in their easiet configuration, to be honest.

LarĂ­sa said...

Grats! We did the same last night - wiped some 15 times on XT-002, including a 2 percent attempt. And then suddenly, not on the "last for the night" try, but almost, it clicked and we just executed it perfectly, getting two achievements as well. And when we did it right, we had quite a lot of time left on the enrage timer... It will be intersting to see if he'll be easier next week. I suspect he will. Now we've really practiced a lot!