Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Such Thing As an Off Night? p3

I'm starting to remember why I only typically raid three nights a week. I'm starting to feel some raid fatigue - but there is progress, and that feels good.

The Panther/Maiden boss (who's name I'll never be able to pronounce) was easy. We dropped Death and Decay in her path, hid around the pillar, and profited. Our OT tanked the defender the whole fight (though it did die late in the fight from random AoE, and we had to move away from it). 
Then we worked Iron Council. This is a long fight. I did the caster guy in the back, and played cooldown juggling to stun/interupt his various electric pain moves. Phase three threw me off the first time we got to it, because I couldn't stun him anymore. Regardless, we maxed our blue circle uptime, ran away from tendrels, and beat the enrage timer.

Bow down!

Then we checked out Hodir. No kill, but a good look. We had the total wrong idea on some of the trash - I'd like to write up some trash guides later on, and put the info on wowhead/wowwiki ect. But that'll be during free time, of which I have increasingly less.

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Anonymous said...

Haha...the trash was pretty epic the first night. Damn Jorumgars spawning from the snow piles!

Hodir, I must say, is probably one of my favorite encounters in the raid. It's all about self-sustainability. You see light snow falling above your head? GET OUT! lol.

For casters to avoid the stacking debuff (similar to Keirstraza in Nexus), cast and tap your strafe right after. cast/tap strafe/cast/tap strafe/cast tap strafe... :P

If you're finding that people are surviving but just not doing enough dps for the enrage (9 min), make sure to break the moonkins out of the ice blocks throughout the encounter because your casters will get 100% casting speed bonus while standing in the rays of light that the moonkins provide.

For your healers...(specifically resto droods) ANTICIPATE FROZEN BLOWS!!! Pre-Hotting immediately after flash freeze really makes a big difference.

Hmmph - Resto Druid - Kel'Thuzad